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About Ms Chen

Ms Chen holds a Bachelor Degree in Life Sciences from NUS. She has 18 years of tutoring experience under her belt, and also has 8 years of teaching experience in Nan Chiau High School, a SAP secondary school. Having been on the frontline of the teaching arena for so many years, Ms Chen is familiar with what it takes to develop her students to get better grades for both O and A levels. Almost all her students showed vast improvements in their grades and even topped their classes for science, with the exception of lazy students with poor attitude. 70-80% of her students scored distinctions at both O and A levels examinations.

Being a NIE-trained teacher, Ms Chen is constantly in touch with the changing syllabus. She also knows how examinations are being set and what the markers are looking for in students' answers.

One of the biggest advantages that Ms Chen possesses lies in her having trained and taught graduating classes for the O Level Science Practical examinations for biology and chemistry. This invaluable experience has given her firsthand knowledge of the common mistakes students make in practical examinations. Ms Chen is also trained in teaching and conducting the O Level Practical for Biology and Chemistry. She was appointed as the Presiding Examiner for the O Level Science (Chemistry/Biology) Practical Examination previously. Thus, she is able to help students on both the theoretical and practical fronts of the Biology O level and Chemistry O and A level examination preparation.

About Ms Leong

Ms Leong is a full-time Physics tutor with over 10 years of tutoring experience, and has tutored students from a wide range of schools. Many of her students have topped their class in Physics after working together with her, and some have had their grades jump from a fail grade to distinction. So far, about 70% of her students have achieved distinctions at the both A and O levels national exams.

Ms Leong used to be a borderline-pass Physics student herself a long time ago, back in her early secondary 3 days in Raffles Girls’ Secondary. But once she understood the key concepts to the subject, she went on to score As in O level and A level Physics, with a Merit in A level Physics S Paper (the equivalent of today’s JC H3 level). Drawing on her past experiences, she has effectively helped many students to understand the key concepts of physics by providing her students with the tools that make learning physics more straightforward and that also ensure that students have consistent practice for retention of what has been learnt. She also trains students to answer questions with the presentation and main points which markers look out for in students' papers for both practical and theory papers.

Her principle when it comes to teaching is that she will do everything within her ability to push her students to work hard and to enable them to work efficiently.