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Welcome to Miss Chen's Science Tuition

Ms Chen and Ms Leong specialise in teaching Chemistry, Biology and Physics from secondary level to junior college level (O levels, A levels, IGCSE and the IB) in Singapore.

Singapore students consistently are in top ranking for science in PISA and TIMSS. Ms Chen and Ms Leong have to constantly upgrade their materials, based on questions from school examinations and tests, so that our students’ minds are exposed to a wide range of exam-style questions to keep up with our high national standard of science and maths performance. Our teaching materials have been able to help over 70% of our students to achieve distinction in their school exams and Singapore’s national exams, with several students even topping their class or school cohort.

On our website, you may purchase and download worksheets based on the materials that we have designed for our own students. These worksheets, which come with answers, will be useful for students who wish to have more practice so as to improve their grasp of the topics.


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2022 Results   4 July 2023

Our O levels students in 2023 batch did very well ! Will be uploading results soon ! Please whatsapp Miss Chen at 97886170 for any enquries. 

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What do our customers say about us?

"Ms Chen is a dedicated and stringent tutor who only wants the best for her students. My daughter has been taught by her for about half a year and I have seen good improvement. She often kept me in the loop of my daughter's work especially so when she is not working hard enough. Ms Chen's constant pushing and motivating my child has proven to be effective."

Mrs Lisa Koh

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